Peter Davies - My Story
Hello and welcome to Digital Art Cards, I am a self taught photographer, artist and illustrator, I have been drawing and dabbling with paint for as long as I can remember, I also recall longing to get involved in wildlife photography but unfortunately the pre-digital photographic era was financially beyond my reach.
My art has always been focused on wildlife, particularly British wild birds which became a fascination for me growing up in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Wind the clock forward through a career in Aerospace I find myself facing retirement in leafy  Surrey in the United Kingdom and intent on re-investing time and energy into my wildlife work. In 2017 I realised a virtual life long ambition to be able to invest in professional photography equipment which these days forms the  foundation of my wildlife art work. 
Over the past two years  I have developed a digital photography post processing technique which simplifies the lines and colours of my photographic wildlife images to produce digital art. 
In late 2019 I stumbled into the world of greetings cards and found myself at the Greetings Card Association - Ladder Club Seminar in London. Taking away new ideas from this experience I launched Digital Art Cards in February  2020 which is designed to be a digital image review platform for greetings card agents and publishers.
If you have landed here by design please contact me via the contact information on my "Digital Art Flyer" which you would have already received or alternatively on the contact link above. 
If you have landed here by accident please feel free to take a look around, I hope you enjoy viewing my art work as much as I enjoy creating it. 

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